Friday, July 6, 2007

Popfly Blocks intro

In Popfly, You can either create your own web pages, create mashups (A mashup is a web application that combines information from two or more websites or sources.) based on existing "blocks", or create your own blocks. A block is a component acting like a piece of middleware. It is contained in a single JavaScript file (.js), which provides methods for user generated code to invoke. A block may also make use of resource files such as XAML files, images, etc.

A block can act as a middleman between externally provisioned services such as web services, or it may simply be a library of reuseable functions, e.g. a function that convert between currencies or is retrieving customer data from an ERP system. A block can also have a user interface acting as a display surface: something which takes data from other blocks by using their functions and displays it in a meaningful manner, and allows the user to interact with it.

At the moment You can't edit JavaScript directly inte the Popfly environment as the JavaScript editor currently lacks some basic functionality such as syntax highlighting (The Popfly team is working on that.) Use for instance the Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2005 Express, freely available from: to develop Your Popfly blocks!

© Copyright 2007, Tomas Elfving