Friday, February 27, 2009

Sharepoint memory leaks, anyone?

The SPDisposeCheck tool will help improve the quality of your SharePoint assemblies. It will inspect your SharePoint assemblies and check that you are correctly disposing of certain SharePoint objects (IDisposable objects which includes SPSite and SPWeb). The tool is based upon the guidance published in this MSDN article, Best Practices: Using Disposable Windows SharePoint Services Objects

This tool is not supported by Microsoft and is recommended to be used on Developer workstations and not on production SharePoint Server installations.

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FAST Search for SharePoint available in beta 2nd half of 2009

Microsoft have released a roadmap for the FAST search engine aquired by the norwegian search specialists some time ago. The new search server that will add the high-end search capabilities of FAST ESP into Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server, will be available as a part of the next release of MOSS.
For customers who are interested in the product, Microsoft also announced ESP for SharePoint, a special offering that allows customers to purchase high-end search capabilities today, with a defined licensing path to FAST Search for SharePoint when it becomes available.
The full name is "FAST Search for Internet Business". It will extend FAST ESP and provide a flexible platform for building engaging, search-driven Web site experiences. The product will be available in beta in the second half of this year and will feature new capabilities for content integration and interaction management, helping enable more complete and interactive search experiences.

© Copyright 2009, Tomas Elfving