Sunday, June 14, 2009

ROSS for multi-stage deployment and multi-farm replication for SharePoint

When searching for an enterprise deployment solution for a large external MOSS platform, I've come across ROSS. RepliWeb Operational Synchronization for SharePoint (ROSS) claims to provide one thing that is missing in the MOSS box, namely support for multi-stage deployment and multi-farm replication.

SharePoint used as a mission-critical web platform is requiers IT to maintain rapidly growing infrastructures, content and application structures. RepliWeb’s ROSS addresses the challenges when managing content deployment and replication processes across multi-staged topologies and multiple farms. Agnostic to environment variations, ROSS is a scalable solution built for critical enterprise deployment processes including comprehensive scheduling, recovery and transactional deployment capabilities, efficient transfer engines, and much more.

The feature I am specifically interested in is the support for transactions, so that a deployment may be rolled back entiryly without messing up the environment.

I'll comment on ROSS again later when I have made a thorough evaluation.

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